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An Exclusive with Hibo Wardere

Last week, we took you across the Atlantic in an exclusive with author Hilary Burrage in the U.K.  This week, we remain in the U.K. to bring you the outspoken survivor, educator, activist, wife and mother, Hibo Wardere in a […]

Weekly Word-Scramble

Do you enjoy playing with words?  This is a fun way to see how well you can unscramble the following words.  We will reveal the unscrambled words in next week’s edition of the newsletter.  If you enjoyed this, write and […]

How You Can Help & Support Us

Here are some of the ways you can help and support our programs in 2016: Donations (including in-kind donations) Partnering (collaborating in one of our programs and/or events) Joining our Internship or Ambassadorship Program Volunteering Donate through employer payroll […]