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VOL.  8 – Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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The Global Woman Center will be opening its Northern Virginia location in August, in partnership with IEDA Relief in Arlington, Virginia.  If you reside in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. location is not convenient to you, please call for an August appointment in Arlington.  Your appointment and information will be kept confidential.

Why Americans Should Care about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

In June 2014, the United States Government discovered that American girls were being transported from the U.S. to their parents’ countries of origin for the purpose of undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM). These girls are American citizens and children of immigrant parents.  The girls are taken overseas under the pretense that they are going to visit their relatives.  They suffer the shock of their lives when they arrive and realize that the purpose of their visit is to undergo FGM.

Little Girl at Risk of FGM

We have heard some Americans remark, “Why should anyone here in the States care about FGM.  Some feel that it is an African Problem; therefore Americans should not be concerned about the practice of FGM.  Well, it is indeed an American problem, just as much as it is an Asian, a Middle Eastern, and even a European problem.  The United Nations has made FGM its problem; therefore it is a problem of the world.  FGM is a human rights violation, child abuse, and a criminal act in the United States, so why should Americans not care about the practice of it?        

Vagina before FGM and after Clitoris RemovalFemale genital mutilation is the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia for non-medical reasons.  External genitals include the clitoris, labia, pubis (the fatty tissue over the pubic bone), and the urethral and vaginal openings.  In some cases, the degree of cutting is so extensive, it often impairs the girl’s sexual and reproductive functions.  As adults, the girls encounter infant and maternal mortalities during childbirth; they experience genital pain during urination and menstruation.  Why then should anyone not care?


The rehabilitative phase entails post-FGM counseling, proper OB-GYN check-ups and restorative surgery for the survivors. The surgery will help survivors of FGM have regular OB-GYN check-ups without embarrassment, have normal childbirth without the risk of infant and maternal mortalities, and to live without the physical genital pain they encounter with every monthly cycle, with each urination and sexual encounter. The center is creating a network of special OB-GYNs to offer proper care for the survivors. Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation will launch a series of fundraisers to assist the survivors with their OB-GYN healthcare, restorative surgery and counseling. Many of the women live with the psychological consequences in post-FGM life.

The preventive phase includes training of school teachers, school counselors, school nurses, parents and members of law enforcement, as well as an outreach educational campaign to communities. Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation believes that if everyone is educated and informed fully on this practice, the campaign to end FGM will be successful. Education is the key to ending FGM throughout the world. A special committee appointed by their Board of Directors has just completed an extensive 39-page training manual on FGM, which is expected to be distributed to schools and communities throughout the United States.


If you are a survivor of FGM and need to talk with someone about your experience, or if you know a survivor, please contact the Global Woman Center to set up an appointment for consultation.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015
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New Horizon Gospel Ministries
8324 Woodyard Rd
Clinton, MD 20735

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